About the Book

Executive Summary

Population Health – Management, Policy and Technology, First Edition is an anthology on issues confronting today’s public health and medical care stakeholders. The transformation of the United States public health and medical care system is being driven by the need for improving quality, access, and affordability of services for all patients and consumers in the United States. Topics include: health in all policies, aging population, chronic disease, public health system transformation, social determinants of health, information technology and health information exchange, health impact assessments, innovation, and behavioral health among others. This collaborative first edition work offers new insights into these topics and many others for university faculty and students, policy makers, and health care and public health professional alike.

Purpose of the Book

Population Health – Management, Policy and Technology, First Edition, should serve as a textbook for use in academic and professional health and public health education, government, and not-for-profit sectors.It is an anthology that transcends the boundaries of individual health, health care, public health, health information technology, and health policy to help address how we can improve population health outcomes and wellness in our communities.

We hope that Population Health – Management, Policy and Technology, First Edition can serve as a guide for insights, references, and ideas to spawn awareness, education, creative thinking, and new initiatives in how we work toward and support population health initiatives in the United States and abroad.

Chapters include:

  1. Population Health as the Center of Community Life
  2. Network Leadership: Improving Population Health through Networks of Organizations
  3. Population Health Impact Assessments and Policy Development
  4. Understanding the Numbers: The New Demographic Realities and the Future of Population Health
  5. Envisioning an Expanded Model for Population Health
  6. Promoting Wellness through Systems and Policy Change
  7. Chronic Disease in the United States: Progress and Today’s Challenges
  8. Mental and Behavioral Health Services: The Need for Renewed Focus
  9. Developments in Population Health for an Aging Population
  10. Building a Bridge to Nowhere: A Case Study of a State-run Health Information Exchange
  11. Using Terminology Standards to Count the Healthy and Sick
  12. Advancing the Use of Personal Health Data: Information for Population Health
  13. ”Big Data” and Population Health
  14. The Future of Population Health: Moving Forward with Networks, Policies and Innovation

Intended Audience

The audience forthis book includes: students,healthcare leaders, public health officials, boards of health members, health systems planners, physicians, policy makers, researchers and those evaluating the direction of the healthcare and wellness industry.


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